Lupina Lupin Flour 1 lb.

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  • Gluten Free, Vegan
  • High Protein and Fiber
  • Low Carb, Sugar Free
  • Non-GMO

Lupina Lupin Flour is milled from hulled lupin kernels and is uniquely high in protein and dietary fiber, and low in fat, carbohydrates, and sugar. Lupin Flour has a very low glycemic index and is a great low carb flour alternative.

Lupin flour is highly digestible and gluten free. Lupin beans are a non-GMO alternative to soybeans. Note: Lupin flour may cause allergic reactions in those with peanut, almond, and legumes allergies.*

See recipe below.

ViewNetrition's Recipes for more lupin flour recipes.


Low Carb Gluten Free Almond Lupin Squares

Topping Ingredients:

Topping directions:
Combine egg, sugar and honey in bowl, stir in melted chocolate chips.

Preheat oven to 350 degrees and grease/line a 8 x 8 inch baking pan. Combine flour, cinnamon, almond meal, sugar and butter in a bowl.Press evenly into prepared pan. Bake for 12 minutes or until lightly browned. Cool.Reduce oven temperature to 325 degrees.Pour topping over base, sprinkle with slivered almonds.Bake in oven for approx. 40 minutes or until topping is set.Cool in pan.Refrigerate before cutting and store in refrigerator.

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