Kaizen Food Company Lupin Flour 2 lb.

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Elevate Your Nutrition with Kaizen Lupini Bean Flour: A Plant-Powered Protein Marvel

Kaizen's Lupini Bean Flour is a revolutionary addition to your pantry, offering a perfect blend of nutrition and versatility. Crafted from 100% Australian Lupini beans, this gluten-free, vegan flour takes your culinary creations to new heights, delivering a remarkable 12 grams of protein per serving with just 1 net carb. Dive into the world of plant-based protein without compromising on taste or texture.

This 2lb bag will be a versatile addition to your pantry. Use it on its own or blended with other flours to make higher protein, lower carbohydrate, gluten free foods like cookies, cakes, bread, pizza crusts, pancakes, or pastas. The options are endless!

Note: Lupin flour may cause allergic reactions in those with peanut, almond, and legumes allergies.*

Key Features:

  • Gluten-Free & Vegan Friendly: Prioritize your dietary preferences with a flour that is both gluten-free and vegan, catering to diverse lifestyle choices.
  • High Protein & Fiber: Unleash the power of plant-based protein with a substantial 12 grams per serving. The added benefit of fiber enhances the nutritional profile, making it a wholesome choice for your recipes.
  • Low Carb & Sugar-Free: Kaizen's Lupini Bean Flour aligns with low-carb and sugar-free dietary goals, ensuring a nourishing option for those conscious about their carbohydrate and sugar intake.
  • Non-GMO Assurance: Embrace a flour that is crafted with a commitment to non-GMO ingredients, reflecting Kaizen's dedication to quality and purity.


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