Eden Foods Black Soy Beans 15 oz can

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  • Low Carb, Keto Friendly
  • Protein and Fiber

Eden Organic Black Soybeans are low carb and are rich in fiber, soy protein and iron. Eden Organic Black Soybeans are endlessly versatile and can be used like any other bean. These low carb beans are delicious in salads, salsa, and soups.

Organically grown Black Soybeans are soaked overnight and expertly cooked at Eden's certified organic and circle k kosher cannery. The best edible soybean, use just like any other bean. Delicious and versatile. 40 mg of healthy soy isoflavone nutrients per serving. Heart healthy, rich in dietary fiber and soy protein, and a good source of iron, vitamin A, magnesium, and zinc. Very low sodium with no salt added. The only low carb bean. Packed in bisphenol-A free cans.

Eden Organic Black Soybeans are organically grown on USA family farms by salt-of-the-earth farmers dedicated to building living soil and producing the best tasting and most nutritious food. They use no pesticides, herbicides, fungicides, or chemical fertilizers. Due to vital soil their much higher mineral content and stronger skins allow them to be cooked without 'processing' chemicals.

Eden Organic Black Soybeans are expertly prepared at their certified organic, circle k kosher cannery in east central Indiana. Beans are washed, soaked overnight and thoroughly cooked with water and a bit of kombu sea vegetable. You don't taste the kombu, but its natural glutamic acid softens and enhances the flavor of beans. All water that contacts Eden beans, for washing, soaking, and cooking, is purified water.


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