Best Price Guarantee

We comb the internet to find out our competitors’ pricing…so we can beat them! We bring you the lowest prices on bariatric supplements and stand behind this promise. We will match or beat any competitors’ pricing. We also honor any competitor discount codes and coupons.

Products must be identical and in stock, and advertised prices to be matched must be currently valid, at the time of the price match.

Contact us for details.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

We guarantee your satisfaction 100%! We stand behind the items we sell and believe you will love them as much as we do. If not, you can return your order according to the information below for unopened items or opened items.

Return Policy

Returning Unopened Items
We hope you are delighted with your order. If not, you can return unopened items with no questions asked within 30 days of the date you receive them for a full refund (less costs of shipping and handling) or for store credit.

Returning Open Items
If you try a product and do not like it, we’re sorry! We accept opened packages within 30 days of the time you receive them as long as they have no more than one serving missing. You can opt for a full store credit (less costs of shipping and handling) or exchange for a different flavor of the same product.

You must Contact Customer Service to begin the returns process and receive your RMA #. We can not accept returns that aren't pre-authorized by our customer service department.

Return Policy Exception: Protein Powders
BariatricPal sells single sized portions of most of our protein powders for you to try before purchasing a larger quantity. Therefore, no returns, exchanges or credits will be allowed on opened jugs and bags of powders offered in sample size.

Also, opened, single sized protein powder samples are not eligible for store credit or refund.

Return Policy Exception: Subscription Box (Box of the month club) 
We do not accept returns or exchanges on subscription boxes or items contained in our subscription boxes. We only replace items if they are defective, damaged, or missing from your box.

Return Policy Exception: Broken Chips

We do everything we can to deliver your products in perfect condition. We cannot be liable for protein chips breaking into small pieces during shipping.

Return Policy Exception: Weather Related Damages
BariatricPal cannot be responsible for weather conditions which could affect products once an order has left our premises. We promptly ship all orders from our climate-controlled warehouse, but extreme temperature fluctuations during transit are out of our control.

No returns, exchanges or credits are accepted on products that have been affected by melting or freezing. To help minimize the possibility of receiving weather related damaged products: Avoid packages being left outside by having orders delivered to your work address or other alternative location, such as a neighbor's home where the package can be brought inside immediately.

To reduce transit time, consider choosing expedited shipping methods. We now offer the option to have your package shipped to you in an Insulated Styrofoam Container with Polar Icepacks in the box. The insulated styrofoam container is placed inside a cardboard box for extra insulation and shipping strength.

Simple Solution to a Sticky Situation: If you encounter product melting issues, place boxes of bars or unopened items in the refrigerator for about an hour. For best results, minimize handling of individually wrapped products as much as possible. Although appearance may be slightly altered, items will re-harden with no loss of nutrition or taste.


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